Sajit Rao


Sajit Rao

Co57 Systems, US

Dr. Sajit Rao has over 28 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence spanning both basic-research in academia, as well as applied/new-product research in startups. He has six U.S patents in Computer Vision.

He received his PhD from the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in February 1998. Prior to that he received two Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT, one in Mathematics and the other in Brain and Cognitive Science. After his post-doctoral research in Genova, Italy as part of the EU project on Cognitive Vision, he returned to the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab as a Research Scientist. Sajit and his students focused on Bio-inspired models for connecting Vision and Language, so that a robot or a smart-camera could learn the meanings of common verbs such as “give” or “throw” from visual experience. The successful demonstration of this idea led him to found Co57 Systems in 2010. The startup was funded by DARPA's MindsEye Program to build visual analysis technology to monitor a video stream, and detect unusual events.

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