Welcome to Norway Summit 2018 at Clarion Hotel Energy,
Stavanger, 05.06.18 09.00 – 16.00

The full program is not released. Here's a taste of what's to come!


Setting the scene - Iselin Nybø, Minister of Research and Higher Education

Iselin Nybø, Minister of Research and Higher Education

Artificial intelligence today - Key note speaker (to be announced)

Panel discussion - Toril Nag, Executive Vice President of the Lyse Group + Key note speaker (to be announced)


The international technological perspective - Sajit Rao, Co57 Systems

The international technological perspective

A.I. from idea to business - Shai Wininger, CEO Lemonade

Shai Wininger

Main aspects of Norwegian A.I. research - Morten Goodwin, Agder University


Financial and commercial interests using A.I (to be announced)

(to be announced)

Value creation using A.I - Yoav Evenstein, Microsoft

Yoav Evenstein

Philosophical considerations: man vs. machine - Einar Duenger Bøhn, Professor of Philosophy

National state example, Anna Piperal, Managing Director of e-Estonia Showroom


Norwegian considerations - Tonje Sandberg, Accenture

Perspectives from the Norwegian ecosystems - Gry Isabell Sannes, Manager Ipark Tech Startup Accelerator, Validé Stavanger

What can we learn from Silicon Valley Bank? (to be announced)

The big Debate (to be announced)

What is next? - Torgeir Reve, Professor, BI & Tore Gjedebo, CEO InvesTore

Brainteaser - Espen Agdestein, Manager of Magnus Carlsen

The link between A.I. and Chess

Changes to the program may occur