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Sustainable Innovation Economy: Accelerating Business Diversity

APRIL 29 2016

The Norway Summit conference was held on April 29 at Clarion Energy Hotel in Stavanger. The conference was a pilot project and was therefore implemented in a smaller format compared to our future ambitions. We wanted to create a conference focusing on dialogue between the speakers on stage and the attendees. The goal was to create an arena where the attendees feel like they are part of the conference, not just as listeners to the various speakers on stage. We aimed to have a varied range of people in the halls of different professions to learn the most from each other.

Key speakers in 2016 was “the brain” behind Google Analytics and Google Voice, Wesley Chan. Chan is now a general manager of the venture fund company, Felicis Ventures in Silicon Valley.

Furthermore, we had the founder of Silicon Valley Bank Capital, Aaron Gershenberg, with us on stage who has over twenty years of experience from the venture capital industry.

Other speakers were:
• Gerald Brady, Head of UK Relationship Banking in Silicon Valley Bank
• Rami Beracha, Managing General Partner, Pitango and
• Thomas BullDirector Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP.

Panelists were:
• Tor Jacob Ramsøy CEO / Founder Arundo Analytics, former director at McKinsey & Co
• Kate Murphy, CEO Play Magnus
• Karen Heskja, Innovation and startups, DNB Stavanger
• Brage Johansen, CEO, Zaptec
• Arne Hjeltnes, Group CEO, Creuna
• Per Ivar Selvaag Principal, Montaag
• Gro Eirin Dyrnes, Director Innovation Norway, San Francisco & Silicon Valley

2016 Gallery


Leading into the Unknown: – Transformative technologies and their radical impact on business and society

JUNE 14, 2017

We explored the unknowns of our common future in light of technological innovation. What will the future look like? We know the buzzwords and we see progress in many areas, but what impact does the new technology have on us? in 2017 we brought world-class knowledge to Stavanger to help enlighten us and to prepare business leaders, politicians and academics on the fore coming of the future.

Policies that guided our purpose
Sustainable Development Goal # 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Goal 9 encompasses three important aspects of sustainable development: Infrastructure, industrialization and innovation. Infrastructure provides the basic physical systems and structures essential to the operation of a society or enterprise. Industrialization drives economic growth, creates job opportunities and thereby reduces income poverty. Innovation advances the technological capabilities of industrial sectors and prompts the development of new skills.

Local relevance
What does this particularly mean for Norway? How will global trends affect the Nordic region of Europe in particular? How can Norway take a leading role in any of the major areas of technological development? In what areas of expertise does Norway have competitive advantages in order to make a difference? What policy measures are needed? How will our values and way of living be affected? Will the “Nordic model” be challenged?

Norway Summit 2017 invited to conference with top international and national business representatives, experts, premise providers and decision-makers.

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Norway Summit 2018 topic was:

“The Future of Intelligence
– The impact of A.I.”

The topic had three sections:

#1 The state of A.I today (technological drivers)
#2 How to do business on A.I. (financial drivers)
#3 A.I. for better or worse (human/ethical drivers)

Speakers and panelists where:

  • Stephen Lowery, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank Global Markets, UK
  • Ben Warner, Head of Strategy, ASI UK
  • Iselin Nybø, Minister of Research and Higher Education, The Norwegian Government, NO
  • Yoav Evenstein, Consultant & Analyst, Microsoft & Ramot at Tel Aviv University, ISR
  • Anna Piperal, e-Estonia Showroom Managing Director, EST
  • Sajit Rao, Co57 Systems, US
  • Torger Reve, Professor Strategy​ &​ Industrial Competitiveness, BI, NO
  • Shai Wininger, Co-founder, Lemonade, Israel
  • Marco Singh, Machine Learning Engineer, Corti, DK
  • Halvor Lande,Head of Digitalisation and Business Development, DNB, NO
  • Einar Bøhn, Professor of Philosophy, University of Agder, NO
  • Toril Nag, Group Executive Vice President, Lyse Group, NO
  • Lars Selsås, Founder & CEO, boost.ai, NO
  • Karianne Melleby, Director Corporate Partnerships, StartupLab Oslo, NO
  • Tore Gjedebo, CEO, InvesTore, NO
  • Morten Goodwin, Deputy director and associate professor, Agder University, NO
  • John Olav Syrrist, Managing Director – Resources Norway, Accenture, NO
  • Gry Isabell Sannes,Manager for ITSA and the Arts & Business Incubator in Validé, NO