About Norway Summit


Norway Summit build bridges between Norway and international innovation ecosystems, with special focus on Silicon Valley. Norway Summit is a conference that leaves you with more than just feeling inspired. Our participants can participate in dialogue with those on stage.

Norway Summit is a multi-disciplinary conference, in which industries meet at the cross, focusing on innovation and disruptive drawing.

Our participants are business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and academics. On stage, world-leading business executives, venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and great thinkers.

At the heart of the Summit is the idea of ​​knowledge as tool for empowerment, engaging in healthy debates and working together towards our shared future. Changes in society are taking place at a high pace and the Norway Summit aim to be part of ensuring Norway has lots to offer to our world and to build an internationally competitive innovation environment. We will need knowledge about technology, smart investments, venture capital, what becomes important in the future and how we want to shape it in order to reach our goals.

Previous speakers include amongst others: Yuri Milner, Wesley Chan, Aaron Gerschenberg, Falon Donohue and Garry Kasparov.

Drive and innovation is created at the Norway Summit conference each year and you are invited to be part of it!

“Norway Summit shares and exchanges world-class knowledge through unique speakers who challenge and share their experiences. Norway Summit is the most important dialogue forum for committed people who want to help develop society and business.”


Norway Summit is an extension of the world’s most innovative chess event: Norway Chess. Norway Chess gives us access to a very unique global network. The keyword is knowledge and the goal is to share.

Norway Chess has in only a matter of a few years grown to be one of the world’s strongest chess tournaments. It has proven to be a world-class event that is host to 10 of the top chess players in the world, including World Chess Champion: Magnus Carlsen.

Altibox Norway Chess is one of the few chess tournament in the world that are making a huge effort into commercializing chess in order to reach new audiences and to make it extremely attractive to sponsors. Altibox Norway Chess are looking for corporations that want to be associated with strategy, intelligence and precision – some of the key values to Norway Chess.

Norway Chess has had all top 13 all-time-high ranked players take part in the tournament in Stavanger, including retired chess-champion, Garry Kasparov as guest of honor.

“Norway Chess is the Wimbledon of chess” – Garry Kasparov.

Read more about Norway Chess here!

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